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Friendship Cushion - Pillow Form Pre-orders

Friendship Cushion - Pillow Form Pre-orders

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Friendship Cushion Pre-orders available now! 

When Aimee Sher mentioned this amazing project to us, we were so honored to have our pillow forms included! We love Aimee's work, and our natural wool pillow stuffing is perfect for this sweet, thoughtful pattern. 

Interested in a kit with local yarn, wool stuffing, and dye? Check these out! 

How the pre-order works: We'll take pre-orders from now until early December, and begin shipping out November 27th. This helps us determine how much wool to process and covers to make - we do it all in-house here at our mill! If you order other items with the pre-order, all items will ship at the same time. 

And how about a discount code for the pattern? Just for us, Aimee has offered a 20% discount on the pattern when you order our natural wool pillow for this project (discount code emailed once pre-order has shipped).

How we make our wool pillows: We take clean, carded wool to make fluffy batts that are perfect for stuffing pillows. Our pillow covers are made in house using organic cotton, using an 'envelope' construction - no zipper required. Should you need to clean the pillow cover simply remove the stuffing and wash the cover as you would any other bedding. The wool stuffing can be re-fluffed, and aired out in the sun - no cleaning required! Wool is naturally antimicrobial, and resistant to dust mites; its breathability is ideal for pillows. Best of all - the entire pillow, from case to stuffing, is biodegradable. Choosing a locally produced and regionally grown wool product keeps the carbon footprint even lower, and supports small family farms. 



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