Custom Processing

Custom processing information is here!

Thank you so much for your interest in mill services from Skagit Woolen Works.

Here you'll find information on the custom processing services we're offering from now thru the end of the year. We've tried to streamline things as much as possible but if you have any questions, you can email us or text (scheduling phone calls is best as our machines can be noisy!).

What to know about custom processing

First, our goal is to do right by your wool. Yarn is first and foremost on most wishlists, but we have lots of other (often with better turnaround) options, and we encourage you to get creative - not all fiber is destined to be yarn, and that's not a bad thing! Having options means you make the most of the qualities of your fibers and have a better turnaround on your finished project.

We're offering two sets of rates - retail, and wholesale. Retail is for end-users, with at least 3 lbs but less than 15 lbs per batch of fiber. You might have one or two fleeces that you'd like processed, and you aren't planning on reselling the end product. Wholesale is for fiber producers, farms, etc, with greater than 15 lbs per batch of fiber. You plan on reselling your products, and have a volume of fiber to process.

If you're not sure what category you fall into, not to worry - we'll gather lots of information with the intake form and we'll sort you accordingly, and get a quote back based on the information provided.

What we can (and can't) process

  • Staple lengths from 3.5-6" for yarn; 3-10" for roving
  • Camelid (like Huacaya alpaca) and mohair must be blended with wool (customer provided or mill provided, we have a limited supply); 20-30% for camelids, 70-80% for mohair.
  • We cannot process dog, angora, or yak at this time.
  • We do not currently have an array of mix-ins (silk, bamboo, etc); if you're interested in them let us know, and you can either purchase and send them to us or we'll work with you to source them. We're open to discuss special blend ideas you have.
  • We can process an array of wool types (coarse to fine) but we'll need to confirm the quality of the fiber before we commit to processing it. You'll have the option to send in photos or a sample of the wool to us once we've reviewed your project.
  • Pre-washed fiber? We may still need to wash it as we need it to be free of all lanolin before we put the fiber on our machines.
  • Please only submit processing request for fiber you currently have in hand. We'll be asking specific questions about the fiber so 'potential' projects will be rejected.

Processing Services

  • Scouring: Washing your fibers only
  • Carding: Roving (coiled) or batts (up to 60" wide and 96" long)
  • Pindrafted roving (coiled): One pass for thinner 'pencil' roving
  • Felt: Needle felted sheets up to 36" wide & 96" long
  • Yarn (2ply, 3ply, 4ply): fingering, sport, DK, worsted, or Aran weights
  • Dyeing in the lock (clean fiber, before carding and spinning only): Using Wool Tinctures, color options available upon request

A note on pricing

Scouring is based on incoming weight (pre-skirted; proper skirting of your fleece keeps this cost down).

The following will all be based on final weight; we'll provide an estimate of yield (amount of processed fiber you can expect back) and revise based on actual yield.

  • Carding
  • Pindrafting
  • Felting
  • Yarn
  • Dyeing in the lock

All approved projects will be provided a specific quote. The following prices are guidelines only; we'll help you find the right fit for your fiber and provide a quote that reflects that.

  • Retail

    Do you have a fleece (or three) that you've purchased at a fiber festival, or maybe picked up from a shepherd friend? This is you!

    But what if you have 3 fleeces and it's 15 lbs total? If you want them all processed separately, then it still qualifies as retail; it's based on what works for our mill as a batch and running things individually takes more time and resources.

  • Wholesale

    Do you have a fiber farm flock, or maybe you're an enthusiastic collector of fleece? This is you! You have a single or even multiple types of fleece, and want them batched to maximize your yield for resale at your farmstand or fiber shows.

    But what if you have 50 lbs of fleece, and want them run individually? We can chat about options, and will let you know what the cost difference is between batching the fibers or running them separately.

Ready to submit your project?

Fill out the form below! We'll contact you in June with our finalized schedule, and if we aren't able to work on your project at this time, we'll have some options for you. Our goal is to be a service to the fiber community, in whatever capacity that may be.