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Limited Edition - Wool Stuffed Pendleton Throw Pillows

Limited Edition - Wool Stuffed Pendleton Throw Pillows

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In collaboration with Cecelia Stitch, we are very pleased to offer these limited edition wool stuffed Pendleton wool fabric throw pillows! 

  • Hand sewn and designed by Cecelia Stitch in Seattle using Pendleton wool from Oregon for the front and a dark wool blend fabric for the backing
  • Zipper closure
  • To make the most of the fabric, you'll see some variation in the layout of the design, but they all come with the main element featured, and they're all equally stunning. They're all the same fabric design (hopefully if this goes well we'll offer more options)
  • Stuffed nice and plump with our locally sourced batting and clean core wool here at Skagit Woolen Works
  • To keep your cost down, we'll ship these parcel post or UPS ground, which is a bit slower. If you need it faster just send us a message and we'll arrange something else for you.
  • 14x14", $75 each
No lie, these are pricey. We made a conscious decision to use Pendleton, even though there are cheaper fabric options, and to have these custom sewn by a fellow local woman-owned small business, because working with other artists fits right in with our core values. And if you check out the pillows you can get directly from Pendleton, these are pretty in line...except ours are stuffed with WOOL. Local wool. This whole product was created, from fabric to design to sheep that made the fleece that stuffs it, in a 300 mile radius. That's a conscious decision we think resonates with people that want to make sure their dollars are supporting small businesses, farms, and artists. These will be treasured pieces for years to come, and we think it will make a special gift for the wool lover (or anyone with impeccable taste) in your life.



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