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Quilt Batts

Quilt Batts

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Natural wool batting for your quilting adventures! Many quilters have long prized wool batting for it's warmth, ease of sewing, and loft. Our wool batting is gently processed from locally sourced wool, and lightly needle felted to hold its shape. 

We do not use harsh chemicals on our wool, so you may see some small bits of VM (vegetable matter), which are small and won't impact your final product. 

Quilts made from wool batting are best hand-washed and dried flat. We have had good success with machine washing these quilts on a delicate/wool cycle in the washing machine with cold water, and no dryer; lay flat to dry. 

The details: 

  • All batts are approximately 36" wide by 84" long. To achieve a larger quilt, simply feather the edges or zig zag stitch to hold pieces in place (either with two batts or cutting a batt down to size)
  • Light weight/low density: Approximately 12oz weight, lower loft
  • Light weight/medium density: Approximately 12oz weight, higher (softer) loft
  • Regular/low density: Approximately 16oz weight, lower loft
  • Regular/medium density: Approximately 16oz weight, higher (softer) loft
  • Heavy/low density: Approximately 20oz weight, lower loft
  • Heavy/medium density: Approximately 20oz weight, higher (softer) loft



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