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Skagit Woolen Roving

Skagit Woolen Roving

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*We've simplified our menu!* We still offer both 2 & 4 oz balls and hanks but we have removed the 4 oz option; if you want 4 oz (or more!) simply order a quantity of 2. As always, if you're looking for a larger amount and we have backstock, we can send it unwound for easier prep and spinning. 

100% locally sourced and processed roving. 2 hanks. 

Coopworth - sourced from Lopez Island, WA. Long staple length, lustrous, takes dye beautifully. Medium-fine with soft crimp.

Dorset - sourced from Lebanon, OR. Polled & Horned, in an array of natural colors. Downy and soft, perfect for a lofty woolen-spun yarn. 

Jacob blends - sourced from Shelton, WA. and Stanwood, WA. These are a mill favorite and a spinners' dream! Unlike many other Jacobs, these longer-staple fleeces are super soft and a variety of soft heathered natural colors make it a joy to spin.

Island blends - sourced from the San Juan Islands, WA. The islands are known for their unique crosses which thrive there, and provide lovely, lustrous fleece. Dark brown blend of various crosses, including BLF, Romney, Coopworth, Finn, and East Friesian.

Alpaca blends  - super soft alpaca is blended with various wool for a variety of colors and percentages. 

Shetland - sourced from Snohomish County, WA. Hand-selected 'improved' (non-dual coated) with a super soft, medium-length staple.

Icelandic - minimal guard hairs, long and soft. Try a Lopi-style spin on these!

Romney - sourced from Lopez Island; a favorite of many spinners; versatile for many fiber projects, easy to spin, and comes in a variety of beautiful natural colors. 



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