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Wool Pellets

Wool Pellets

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Wool for your garden?

Yes - wool pellets! 100% raw, natural sheep wool, sourced from small local farms. Shepherds have long used the waste wool from their sheep to improve the soil, and now you can too!

  • Breaks down quickly to deliver nutrients that help plants thrive
  • Deters pests when used as a mulch
  • Improves water retention for less watering and lower water bills

A biodegradable, climate beneficial addition to your garden beds and pots. As the pellets break down, they add nitrogen & carbon to the soil. Pellets help to aerate and increase water retention of the soil, requiring less watering. They also work as a slug and pest-resistant barrier when applied as mulch. Email us for bulk orders, 10 lbs or more! US Shipping only.

The details:

For garden beds, mix pellets in with existing soil at approximately 5% volume before planting, or sprinkle pellets into furroughs as you plant your seeds or starts. 

For outdoor pots, mix pellets in with potting soil at approximately 2% volume before planting. 

Top dress garden beds, existing plantings, or pots by sprinkling a small amount around the plants. Pellets grow when wet, so a little goes a long way!

  • 10 oz size: This bag is enough for approximately one 10 gallon pot or 2x2 feet of garden bed
  • 1.5 lb size: This bag is enough for approximately one 25 gallon pot or 3x3 feet of garden bed
  • 2.5 lb size: This bag is enough for approximately one 18x24” container or 4x4 feet of garden bed
  • 5 lb size: This bag is enough for approximately one 24x48” container or 5.5x5.5 feet of garden bed



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